Wazifa For Marriage In One Week

wazifa for marriage proposal
We are Indians and follow our culture. In India, there is a specific age of marriage. If you are a boy and have attained an age of marriage or a girl and have crossed 25 years of your age and not getting any marriage proposal, or you are not getting marriage proposal because of your appearance, as being an Indian there are specific beauty parameters by which people judge you for your appearance. If you fit their considerations, you are selected and if you fail to please them, you are rejected. If this is your condition, we can understand your problem. It really hurts when someone rejects you because of your appearance or because of your increasing age. Your relatives keep taunting you about this. Even in certain situations, people start doubting that there must be some problem in a girl or a guy. These comments and taunts don’t let you live in peace. Your mood changes and you become irritated every time. During that time you want to get married as soon as possible and if it doesn’t work sometimes you even feel like killing yourself. But putting an end to something like this won’t help. You should try seeking the help of our specialist Molvi Abdul Rihab. He will teach you proper wazifa for marriage in one week. Yes, you heard it right wazifa for marriage just in one week.

wazifa for marriage in one week


Try This Wazifa For Marriage In A Week-

1. Clean yourself properly.
2. Recite Durood Shareef 11 times before going to bed.
3. After that recite surah ikhlas 41 times
4. Again follow step 2
5. Pray to Allah (SWT) to grant you marriage proposals
6. Perform this wazifa continuously for 9 days
7. You will soon hear the good news
8. Thanks, Allah (SWT) with all your heart.

Precautions- Even if you get the marriage proposal in between, don’t stop the wazifa in middle. Continue doing wazifa for marriage for 9 days.

Contact Details

Name -Molvi Abdul Rihab
Number -9876064854
Mail Id -molviabdulrihab@gmail.com
Website –http://islamicwazifaspells.com/

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